Expert Doctor Services

Monthly Doctor check-ins to monitor your sugars, in line with international protocols, designed by our technical team. (partner NICE International, UK)                                    
Scheduled consultation with our specialist (Diabetologist or Cardiologist), to monitor and calibrate treatment.                                    
Unlimited free consultations for any other ailments with our in-house doctors.                                    
Annual Dental and Eye checks, to ensure no deterioration in key organs.                                    
Quarterly home visits by our physiotherapists / dieticians to monitor your diet and exercise.

Coordinated Care Team Services.                                    
Periodic calibration of Hb1AC and sugars (in line with NICE International UK recommendations).                                    
Comprehensive diagnostics scheduled to monitor all other key parameters                                    
Specialized tests for Diabetes, including biothesiometry and ankle brachial index                                    
Routine eye, foot, and dental care to pick up early signs of damage                                    
Other Member Benefits                                    
Dependable 24*7 Emergency Response – one call to order a doctor home visit, ambulance and arrange hospitalization. Your first emergency is FREE!.                                    
Special member discounts on all other services.                                    
Electronic Medical Records – all your medical information in one place, online.                                    
Appointment and medication reminders.                                    
Choose from our tailor-made plans in Diabetes Secure, Diabetes Total, and Hypertension. To read more about the plan, please click here (Diabetes and Hypertension) . You can even sign up on an EMI plan now! You can buy a plan here or call us on +91 90006 99991 or write to