Welcome to JCDHC

J.C.D. Health Care was founded with a vision of bridging the gap between the Doctor and the patient in Clinical Health delivery system.

About Us

We are J.C.D.Health Care. We are building a network of clinics spaces, across that places world-class care and customer convenience above all else. Our goal is to be dependable for the doctors and patients a place to meet , in an hour of need and to deliver service with the highest ethics.

We welcome doctor from varied specialties to occupy the spaces, these include General Practitioners, Pediatricians, Gynecologists, Dentists, Dietitians, Physiotherapists and Psychiatrists support by a team of CRM's to assist and take off the convenience of the patient.

Driven by a core team of believers to provide and facilitate the doctors - to offer clinical services at affordable cost to masses and the needy without any limitations, offer, serve and impart good health to the patient is the at most priority.

Our Mission

We plan to open many more centers, in the near future to facilitate doctors and to be nearer to the need to offer our services.