Virtual Asst. Clinic

Virtual Clinic                                    
Your Presence virtually from anywhere.                                    
Count on JCDHC                                    
to make your first impressions count.                                    
A Clinic address in the right place and a local contact number answered in your/clinic/hospital name can make all the difference in offering and getting your presence felt.                                     
Our software and professional teams will manage your calls and appointments handle your patients. You get a choice of local addresses for your expertise and professional services and use of all JCDHC Clinical spaces.                                    
You can also use a Clinic space at the centre of your choice and notice.                                    
Choose the best product for you.                                     
Virtual Office Plus  

1-hour clinic space usage + internet, free access lounges and cafes, Business address, Telephone answering, Mailbox Plus.                                    
Virtual Office                                    
Free access to Clinic space and cafes, Business address, Telephone answering, Mailbox Plus.                                    
Telephone Answering Service                                    
Dedicated local number, Front desk answering solution,  24hr access to the software, Discounts on day Clinic spaces, meeting rooms & video conferencing .                                                                                                            
Mail Handling                                    
Business address, Mail and packages received and signed for, Receptionist, Discounts on Day Clinic Space, meeting rooms & video conferencing.                                                                                                           
Whether you're expanding into new markets and need a new place to work or just need someone to answer your phone and handle your mail, a JCDHC Virtual Assistive Clinical Space is for you.                                    
Create a strong image - without a physical office.                                    
Create your presence feel and get in contact with the patients.                                     
Our Virtual Clinic services let you focus on your core services, taking care of the extraneous day-to-day activities involved in running a Clinic. At the same time a professional front desk is a vital aspect to success in making a mark, market and being in touch with the needy patients/clients from anywhere. We help you in creating your very own Virtual Clinic Space reducing the expenses involved in set up and running of a physical Clinic. Whether you are a start-up, junior, senior or a multi-located professional, looking to expand operations, we have the perfect Clinical Space solution matching your needs. 

Benefits of a JCDHC Virtual Assistive Clinical Spaces                                    
Instant Clinical Space with all the functions of a traditional Clinic at a fraction of the cost.                                    
Heart of the City  business addresses in multiple Locations.                                     
Professional staff taking care of all administrative duties from attending phone calls, to patients - to mails.                                                                       
Virtual Assistive Clinic Packages                                    
Virtual Assistive Clinic Space options for practice in the real world.                                    
Packages at a price that's right for your practice.                                    
JCDHC Virtual Assistive Clinic Spaces gives you an immediate presence at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office:                                    
Heart of the city address and local phone number                                    
A multilingual receptionist to handle your calls, patients  - mails .......                                    
FREE access to our lounges.                                     
See all virtual office bundles for:                                    
Your Virtual Clinic addresses in th city.                                     
JCDHC Virtual Clinic gives you all the benefits of a Clinic, plus dedicated Clinic Space as required.                                     
Registering with JCDHC , you get to access to the software, book a slot to schedule to get in touch with patients virtually from any in the world, to plan and appoint you assistant - assistive doctor to meet the patients, forward you the details as techinically and medically required by you, so can be in touch with your local place and patients, were ever you may go or reside or work.                                                                                                                                                
Local address and local phone number.                                    
A multilingual receptionist to handle your calls and mail.                                    
A professional front desk tailored to your needs - with Flexible Virtual Clinic Spaces.                                    
Get immediate to the needy patients and cllients in the city with our Virtual Clinic Spaces.  Our Virtual Assistive Clinic's will ensure that you will never make feel your needy patients and clients miss you from where they are and where ever you are with the Clinic address. We act as your Virtual Assistive Clinic  attendant taking care of your Clinic requirements, be it answering your phone or receiving your patient at a prominent location.                                    
Our virtual assistive clinic space rentals offer you                                    
Choice of virtual clinic spaces at prime location.                                    
Fully equipped technologically up to date virtual assistant clinic service capable of taking care of all your secretarial and administrative needs.                                    
Virtual assistive Clinic services where your own virtual personal assistant answers and handles your calls and patients, exactly as you would.                                    
Telephone Answering Service                                    
A local number wherever you need it, worldwide where you are.                                    
We're sure your patients and clients will be pleased to see a local number they can contact you on.                                    
Affordable call handling.                                    
A dedicated, local phone number.                                    
Calls answered in your name.                                    
Multilingual receptionists.                                    
Get in touch our clinic  centres with telephone answering services for: 900069991                                    
Try our call answering service...                                    
...we handle your calls, exactly as you would                                    
The presence of address and Phone calls are a vital aspect of Clinic activities, whether you are a Junior or Senior Doctor. Our superior phone answering service ensures that all your calls are promptly handled by trained front desk receptionists, helping you portray a professional image to callers.                                                                                                                                             
Our answering services provide seamless call forwarding – no more missed or dropped calls or garbled messages. With the presence, we cater to your clients, helping you build and expand your services to greater heights.                                    
Our Telephone Answering services offer the following benefits:                                    
Local Clinic telephone number.                                    
Professionally managed Clinic call centre, answering phone calls in your name.                                    
Dedicated receptionist to receive calls, take messages or transfer calls to your personal number.                                    


Virtual Assistive Clinic Address

A Virtual Assistive Clinic  Address to impress                                    
What does your address say about your Clinic?  

Win over potential and needy patients and Clients with your business mailing address.                                    
Choose from location anywhere, from upmarket city centres to your customers' doorsteps.                                    
Look at the multiple locations (shortly), we have available and pick the address you've always wanted.                                    
We'll take care of the post/calls and make sure it's forwarded or held according to your instructions.                                    
Get a business address from our Virtual Assistive Clinic  services... At a fraction of the cost.                                     
Good location is the trump card for successful Clinic businesses. Clinic centres give a more professional image than a home address or a PO Box, but maintaining actual offices at a location is a pricey proposition.                                    
Our Virtual Assistive Clinic Spaces help you create the impression of a successful presence, instantly and cost effectively in a city, by offering fully operational virtual Clinic addresses. With a  presence of address at multiple locations, we offer you the choice from a wide array of clinic addresses.                                    
Our Virtual Assistive Clinic Space packages offer:                                    
Location, location, location! Impressive Virtual Assistive Clinic Space addresses in multiple locations.                                     
Fully functional Clinic, complete with support staff for all administrative functions.                                    
Enhanced Clinic image at a fraction of the cost – no clinic set-up or running costs.                                    
Mail Handling                                
Mail handling that keeps your business sorted                                    
Leave the post to us                                    
leaving you to focus on your business                                    
You may not always need an office, but with our mail-forwarding and handling service, you can still have a prestigious address.                                    
Has your mail dealt with at a JCDHC centre of your choice? You will project an impressive presence, without the cost of a permanent office.                                    
Get mail handling where you need it.                                    
Rent a Clinic mailing address and never miss the patient query and appointment and the services.                                     
Virtual Assistive Clinic with mail address services is a popular option for professionals looking to maintain privacy, start-up, junior, senior and expertise doctors looking to expand their operations. Take advantage of our mailing addresses in multiple locations (shortly) that include some of the most heart of the city locations in prime localities.                                     
Our mailing address services offer the following advantages:                                    
Flexible Mail handling services – mail accepted in all forms can be scanned/emailed, faxed, held or forwarded.                                    
Secure and extremely confidential service.                                    
Clinic addresses at Prime locations.                                    
Instant set up at a fraction of the cost of renting an actual Clinic.