How well a patient is treated

Our Patients

Medical & Health history of a patient is taken care of by our Family Health Experts is a pioneer in bringing world class Preventive Healthcare to India. The aim is to set up new standards of healthcare delivery at the pre-hospital space, based on our founding principles of excellence in clinical care, being sensitive to the patient's needs, time, convenience and dependability and to provide service across 365 days.

Above all, we want to bring in high quality, organized primary care that is consistently sublime, meets international standards, is focused on patient convenience and long-term safety, and has the highest level of ethics and transparency known in the field.

Good Health is the hinge of a quality life. The modern busy lifestyle is the biggest hindrance to achieving a balance between exercise and nutrition. Unhealthy binge, stress and lack of sleep coupled with complete inactivity are making matters worse and having to deal with painful symptoms.

We at J.C.D.H.C, believe that it is necessary to move from the traditional reactive approach towards our health to a more preventive approach.

Besides a comprehensive healthcare solution for you and your family, at your J.C.D.H.C. you can avail the following services :

  • Expert Doctor Services.
  • Experienced family physicians, trained to protocols.
  • Dedicated physicians (gynecologists to pediatricians) for your family.
  • Other in-house specialists across the J.C.D.H.C. network.
  • Exclusive 24X17 emergency responses for members only.
  • Home care services by either a doctor or nurse (or both).
  • Proves good for people with Diabetes and Hypertension Management.
  • Prior appointments with our exclusive external specialist network.
  • Customized Wellness Programs delivered by our in-house diet, physiotherapy and yoga experts.

Member Programs

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Young individuals and couples

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Diabetes and Hypertension

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Expert Doctor Services

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Senior Citizens

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Wellness and Lifestyle

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Home Health

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Genetics-based Preventive Health Program

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Health Checks

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