Products for Start-ups

Platform for every speciality of practice. All are welcomed.                                     
Everything you need to get started

We know that start-up doctors need to stay flexible and keep overheads low in order to succeed.                                    
We also know you want to be taken seriously.                                    
So we have a range of products and services designed to help you set up quickly, easily and at the right price, while still projecting a professional image and practice.                                                                         
Clinic place                                    
All the place you need to work your way – in clinic, from home or on the move.                                    
Mobile Working                                    
Stay connected and effective, wherever you choose to work from.                                    
Meeting Facilities                                    
Connect with the people who matter most to your practice.                                     
Whether you need a private or shared clinic space, a virtual assistive clinic space or just some extra support, JCDHC can help you – and at a price that won't eat into your cash flow.                                    
Clinical Services                                    
Save time to concentrate on your practice.                                     


Home Based Clinics

The support you need working from home.

Our home working packages                                    
There are many advantages to working from home. It’s flexible and family friendly, less expensive and the commute is a few yards rather than many miles.

However, you can feel disconnected and the patients can shall be taken care till you login.                                     
Our range of packages can help you project the right image, increase productivity and gain more milage.                                    
Your Clinic Address                                    
Get a identity that inspires confidence in your practice.

Mobile Working                                    
Stay connected and effective, wherever you choose to work from
Meeting Facilities                                    
Choose a meeting space as professional as you are.                        

Whether you need a clinic address or a complete virtual assistive clinic package, extra support, or simply a clinic like place to meet patient and clients, JCDHC is your cost-effective partner.

Save time to concentrate on practice.


Corporate Clinical Space Solutions

The right choice for your practice and services.
Change the way you do business

JCDHC Corporate Accounts is dedicated to helping global organisations realise the full potential offered by flexible working models.
We enable them to grow revenues, reduce costs, increase profitability, become more agile and create great working environments for their patients and Clients.

Who We Work With:                                    
How our products and services help meet strategic challenges in all areas of practice and specialities.
Collaborative Practice                                    
Professional Clinic Space, high-quality chambers.

Bespoke packages to suit any practice need including mobile working, home working, virtual assistive clinic spaces and unforeseen future of relocating.

For a more nimble, more efficient approach that offers the most profitable ways of working for you, your practice and clinic your assistants, JCDHC is the partner you need.

Software, administrative management, facility management, Whitepapers, social media marketing and case studies.

Physical Clinic Spaces

Grow your practice with us                                    

Flexible Clinic spaces and so much more

JCDHC offers you so much more than just Clinic Space.                         
We support and welcome the varied expertise and professional doctors, physicians and surgeons in healthcare, every day, with their own unique services, blended with our products and services.
Find the right place to work.                                    
Hold more productive meetings with colleagues, seniors, specialists, professional from different fields and patients.                                    

Support Programmes:                                    
Work effectively from home, on the move and from any location.                 

Branch out into new markets with less risk, reduce fixed costs or work more effectively away from the office - work your way and maximise your business efficiency and flexibility, with JCDHC.                                    

Business Services:                                    
Let, we take care of the administration and facility.

Virtual Assistive Clincs

Manage you practice from anywhere - always keep in touch with your patients and clients.
Stay connected:                                    
Stay connected with the patient and clients and home town from anywhere in the world.

We put the lessons learned from our growth into developing the best clinic space packages for you.                                    
New Markets                                    
Find the packages and advice to help develop your practice with low risk.             
Supporting doctors on the move:                                    
Work productively, wherever you are, at a J.C.D.Health Care.
Meeting Facilities                                    
Hold clinical practices of all types in professional environments.

Whether you are looking to expand into new horizons with a virtual assistive or physical presence, or for ways to keep your practice and team effective when they’re on the move, JCDHC is the right choice.