Clinical Spaces

Better Clincal, better for your Practice.                                    
Flexible Clinical Space                                    
More savings, services and choice.                                    
Clinical Space for for every practice and specility , Virtual assistive and consultancies – JCDHC has options to suit any budget, any working style and practice.                                     
Cilinical Space to Rent

Save money and stay agile with well aranged Clinic's.

Part-time Clinics

Keep your practice cost-effective with Clinic Space only as often you need it.                                    
Day Offices

Get office space with all the support of a fixed location, even on an occasional basis.                                    
Clinic Spaces Centres - Opening shortly in the near future.

Find a complete, flexible working environment wherever you want.                                    
You'll find JCDHC Clinical Space wherever you need it.                                     
We provide all you need for an effective, efficient work space wherever and however you want. With JCDHC, you really can work your way.                                    
Mobile Working

Use our facility to be as efficient on the move as you are in the Clinical space.                                    
Home Working

Get all the benefits of JCDHC in your home clinic.                                     
Coworking and pear group

Manage and resource an ever more agile workforce.

Looking for a new office?

We have instantly customizable office premises available for lease!                                    
In today’s fast changing  business world Health care and Health care Services, immediate reach, access and avaliability to the clients and patients is of paramount importance. Our comprehensive Cinic rental solutions offer cost effective workplaces suiting any practice requirements. Doctor's can choose from an array of prime location addresses (Shortly to be opened) for clinic space, guaranteed to impress clients, patients and assistants alike. Our Flexible Clinical Space  can be tailored to suit your requirements, providing you with all you require at cost-effective prices. 

Advantage of our Office Space rentals:

High quality infrastructure, equipped with the latest technology services.                                    
Flexible office spaces for rent – customizable workspaces and contracts!                                    
Executive Offices catering to all business needs under one roof–full-time/ part-time/ Day Office rentals, plus Business Centres for specific requirements (meetings, trainings etc).                                    
Option of fully manned coporate offices with professional staff for all administrative functions.

Clinical space to rent

Clinics with everything you need to practice and succeed                                  
More than just a clinic with everything you need to practice and succeed.                                    
Ready-to-go clinic spaces with the widest possible range of complementary support services available on demand, JCDHC clinics give you all you need to start your practice immediately and offer an efficient alternative to traditional Clinics, Hospitals and Co-operate Clinic spaces.                                    
One bill with all charges included                                    
A Private Clinical Space - pay only for the hour booked and occupied.                                     
Shared - open 365 day for practice and serve the patients and needy.                                     
A fully-equipped, customisable Clinic space with the latest technology, ready to occupy as per to your schedule slot booked.                                     
Dedicated specialist support from our helpful centre teams.                                    
JCDHC Lounges, Meeting Rooms and Video Communications available when you need them.                                    
JCDHC Clinical spaces in multiple locations to reach the needy - Clinic-next-door                                    
Stay agile in today's ever-changing health care, with the flexibility to react to new challenges and new opportunities fast.

Work your way, in Clinic space from JCDHC

Your Terms.                                    
Choose full or part-time space, on short or extended terms for as long as you need.                                    
Your Clinical Space.                                    
Choose to grow, downsize and adapt your space to fit your changing Clinical needs.                                    
Your Location                                    
Choose from multiple locations (Shortly), for clinical space wherever you need to be.                                    
Flexible Office Spaces – location, clinical space, contracts - your choice                                    
JCDHC Clinical Spaces are available for lease at multiple locations. Rent clinic space on your terms and get fully furnished workspaces tailored to your needs. Our contract terms are affordable and suit most budgets – whether you are a new start-up looking to rent a clinics space, a lone professional looking for a temporary place of work. Contact our office and get tailor-made solutions suiting our requirements.                                                        
By choosing one of our clinic spaces for lease you get:                                    
Clinic Space for Rent at prime location of your choice.                                    
Fully furnished to the highest standard with the latest technology facilities.                                    
Secure 365 days - access to your Clinic.                                    
Professional reception and administrative staff.                                    
Single-point billing system helping you keep track of your account and reducing payment hassles.                                    

DAY Clinic

Day Clinics. Private space by the day and by the hour.                                    
A Clinic away from clinic.

Work and serve in peace and comfort, and be just as effective as you are in your normal Clinic space.                                     
Day Clinics are perfect for those on the move or anyone needing a professional environment.                                    
Just like your clinic, away from the Clinic.                                    
JCDHC Day Clinic gives you:                                    
Professional admin support on-hand.                                    
Private or shared Clinic space, for any number of people.                                    
FREE Internet and refreshments.                                    
Printers, scanners and photocopiers.                                    
For quick and easy use of JCDHC Day Clinic Spaces, our membership scheme is the answer:                                    
select 5 days, 10 days or unlimited use per month                                    
get access to multiple JCDHC Clinical Spaces,                                     
Take a look at our Businessworld memberships or talk to a Day Office Advisor on 9000699991.                                     
Need a fully functional Clinical Space straightaway? 

Looking for ready-to-occupy and completely serviced Clinical Space for rent, without the usual high set-up costs?  JCDHC Clinical Spaces  are the perfect answer. We offer fully equipped, cost-effective Clinical Spaces on flexible terms at prime locations.                                     
Our Day Clinics are designed to cater to a wide array of professional requirements. Whether you are on the move and require an instant clinic for a day or just require a professional setting to meet with clients, choosing a JCDHC Day Clinic Spaces provides you the benefits of:                                        
Renting a Clinical Space for exactly as long as you need – An hour, a day, week, or month.                                    
Fully equipped instant Clinic with the latest technology.                                    
Efficient administrative support from extremely professional staff.                                    
Excellent collaborating opportunities with flexible co-working spaces and video conferencing.
Flexibility of working for the day - whenever, wherever.

Co-working. Workspace only when you need it                            
Reduce your fixed costs by paying only for space you use                                    
Get work-ready Clinical space when you need it.                            
save money: no investment needed.                                    
organise the space to suit you.                                    
all IT, telecoms set up and ready-to-go.                                    
dedicated teams on-hand to help with administration.                                    
extra space available: full use of meeting rooms, video communications and lounges                                                        
Opting for a co-working space with JCDHC gives you:                                                                        
Customised Clinic Chambers with high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity.                                    
Access to state-of-the-art office equipment without capital or maintenance expenses.                                    
Flexible payment schemes, including pay-as-you-practice/earn options.                                    
Numerous collaboration prospects as a result of sharing Clinical Space with other professionals.