Health Checks

If you are over 30 years, we would recommend an annual health check, to make sure you stay on the road to health. As you grow older, the requirements from such a health check increase, and so you should choose to keep in mind your age, gender and family history.                                    
Download the plan                                    
Our approach to health checks – EVERYTHING YOU NEED, NOTHING YOU DON’T. Choose from our Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus plans according to your needs and requirements. In addition to the Green and Green Plus features above.                                    
Access Unlimited Consultations with your expert physician and in-house specialists across the network, through the year                                    
Make time for a comprehensive Annual Health Check – we are even open on Sundays!                                    
Spend time with your doctor through a detailed assessment and medical review, and create a health plan to improve your health                                    
Consult with a dietitian and physiotherapist to make important lifestyle changes                                    
Peace of mind with 24*7 Emergency Response through the year